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Yashica Electro 35 GT - Ilford PAN 400

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Film photography - NikonFE2 - 50mm F 1:2 - Rollei RPX100 dev Bellini Hydrophen

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Nikon FM - Rollei RPX 100

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Presenze / Assenze
Presenze / Ass...
By Danilo Giannini
Photo book


About the book

A trip, a reflection, looking at who is present and who is absent in a hot Italian summer.
By Danilo Giannini
Photo book


About the book

Sannah, then, but it is not fairy enchantress, is the seductive feminine hospitality danger, the threat hanging over the fate of the hero of Virgil, the embodiment of sensuality that turns men into beasts.
from introduction by Eugenia Berti Lindblad

video installation & experimental film

experimental electro acoustic music

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